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Pfirestorm Charity Golf day for iThemba

Each year we have our Pfirestorm Charity Golf Day at Kloof Country Club. Many of you reading this may have attended the golf day. If you have attended one of our golf day, you will know that is is purely a charity day.

We pick a charity and all proceeds generated from the golf day and its activities are donated to our charity of choice.

This year we decided to choose 'iThemba'. iThemba is a local charity for children, a place where they can have a family. This year our golf day raised R34,000 for this local charity.

We know this money is going to be put to good use and we look forward to many more years of charity and generous spirit of giving.

Thank you so much to all of those who were involved, we really appreciate your support!

Have a look to see a publication of our golf day and it's results this year!

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BRANCH: Head Office
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Company Profile


    Pfirestorm is an affordable internet based service that organisations are able to offer their clients that will result in the cementing of existing relationships and/or the establishment of new relationships between the clients and the organisation.

    This service is CLIENT-CENTRED and simultaneously provides the organisation with a platform that addresses fundamental business matters such as strategy and wealth creation, operations and practice management, compliance issues, day to day matters, vast Marketing opportunities, leveraging IT in a unique way, staff incentives and measurements and impact directly and indirectly on your income flows from day one.

    The purpose for this service is to enable organisations and clients to be able to reach out to one another in an environment that is transparent, promotes shared responsibility and facilitates relationships providing mutual benefit for the client and the organisation.

    It is no longer a matter of who you know! It is who knows YOU!

    It is time!


Pfirestorm’s unique collaborative technology will enable our clients to deliver a branded and unified sustainable experience to their customers at all levels of their organisation, through programmed alignment of internal procedures and processes with their Customer Value Proposition.

Our clients will experience the power of a programmed behavioral system designed to sustain, facilitate and deliver to their clients, a distinctive Customer Value Proposition resulting in increased new and retained customers that can be measured in terms of higher production outcomes, reduced operating costs, focused employee and customer activities, customer services that exceed expectations, business continuity, and ultimately good corporate governance aligned to a dynamic regulatory environment.