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The Pfirestorm platform is an integrated and collaborative system enabling organisations to leverage a wide range of functionality to facilitate almost all the management disciplines within the organisation. There are a number of issues that make Pfirestorm unique and it is worthwhile highlighting some pivotal features that will begin to give you a greater appreciation for this new generation service.


The purpose of a business is to create clients and to retain them. How well this is done can be measured in money! Pfirestorm is designed to facilitate an organisations purpose – holistically, practically and reliably!

The challenge for most organisations is aligning their client services with internal processes and procedures and inevitably this gap widens as the organisation responds to pressure on their capacity and capability.

If the client and the organisation were part of the same system, this gap narrows and both the client and organisation will exist in the same reality with nowhere to hide. Most technological systems seek to replace people and/or to automate activity to enable clients to “interact” with the organisation. At Pfirestorm, we think differently.

Not only will clients be able to interact with the system, they can also collaborate with the organisation. They have a direct line to the organisation and can communicate and share documents – transparent and secure.

This is a significant new generation development. Pfirestorm is an open system that brings the internal organisation to the client and makes the client central to daily activity.

So, how is this done and what types of features or functionality does Pfirestorm have for both the organisation and its clients.

  • Communication – The most fundamental activity to grow relationships

Organisations can communicate with their clients direct from the system. These communications can be facilitated through direct secure messaging to the client (or groups of clients), transmitting any type of document or file, email to the clients email address or sms to the clients cell phone.

What makes Pfirestorm unique is that all communications (no matter what type) are intuitively and permanently stored and filed for easy retrieval, response and access. Management can access and monitor any communication from any client or user 24 hours a day and from any location. No spam, no unsolicited messages and no managing your mailbox.

Employees can come and go and communications will remain intact to guarantee continuity of your business and with your clients.

  • Document Management and sharing

Sending, sharing or publishing documents for personal use, business use or for clients is all integrated within the system. Not only can documents be communicated to anyone within the system or outside the system, these are automatically and intuitively filed for seamless retrieval or later use. Whether you want to send documents by email or securely within the system is your choice.

When sharing, publishing or sending documents, users can decide up front whether they wish to keep the document on the system permanently or select a fixed period after which they will automatically be removed.

Sending, sharing or publishing documents privately is not new. However, with Pfirestorm, how these documents are stored, allocated to specific clients and accessible within hierarchical levels of authority elevates this feature beyond the scope of conventional systems.

  • Customer relationship Management (CRM) – NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL SYSTEM

CRM is not a new concept. Many organisations have existing databases where they can search and access client profiles and other static information. Some even have the capability of searching for an individual or group and are then able to send them an email and/or SMS direct from the system – and even store these communications. So, what makes Pfirestorm unique?

The CRM is intuitive and its simplified front end is powered by a complex database search engine. Its design is one that ensures easy navigation and accuracy. Pfirestorm has a unique categorizing system and the freedom to add additional fields on client profiles that automatically enable you to search on these fields for extended and focused communications.

The communications and document management systems are fully integrated with the CRM system enabling users to compile a focused search list and to communicate messages, emails, SMS’s or documents to individual or groups of clients.

To top it all, all communications to groups or individuals are intuitively filed into each individual client’s dashboard enabling effective and continuous monitoring of individual client contacts.


Integrated within the system is an intuitive internal CRM system tailored for effective, secure and transparent communications and employee management. Pfirestorm enables the organisation to manage and record all staff profiles and human resource records, minutes of meetings and communications in a way that access can be limited within the systems levels of authority.

The new generation integration ensures that workflows are recorded against affected clients (where applicable) ensuring simplified and seamless management of services. All internal communications, whilst they may be stored against a client profile, are not visible or accessible by clients ensuring privacy and confidentiality of internal matters.

CLIENT COLLABORATION – Uniqueness at its finest!

Generally speaking, most organisations have up to six different technology systems that operate independently of each other. This independence creates duplication of work and penalizes a business by negatively affecting production. Oftentimes, this separation of technology serves to drive up time spent processing information, storing it and retrieving it. This is evident in organisations internal operations.

Beyond this, operational inefficiencies are exacerbated because the link between internal processes and clients does note exist.

Pfirestorm offers organisations a platform that enables clients to register on a single system that brings the client into a common and secure area to share and collaborate with the organisation. Not only can clients now communicate with the organisations securely, clients also have a range of features available to them personally. For example, clients can electronically store documents or files privately as a value added benefit. Both the client and the organisation are assured of their privacy and confidentiality using Pfirestorm that has been designed with security uppermost in the minds of our Pfirestorm developers.


There are a number of business principles and disciplines that are common to any organisation. Each business sector on the other hand has specific business considerations unique to them. An example of this may be South African registered Financial Services Providers who are regulated via the Financial Services Board through the Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS).

No matter what the business sector or its specific regulatory environment, Pfirestorm has been developed with an architecture that will enable the organisation to “facilitate” most of its compliance or good governance matters. The diverse features that are available to both organisations and there clients were created following four years of research amongst organisations, clients, regulatory bodies and other associations. This vital feedback from the collective community established a foundation upon which the Pfirestorm platform was developed.

CHANGE – Why it is non invasive?

Most business has processes and procedures that govern both their daily and strategic activity. As they grow, these processes become embedded in the business and it soon becomes a way of life. In recent years, the economic cycle has become inconsistent primarily as a result of even the smallest of operations being part of the global community.

Organisations have there heads down and efforts are concentrated on daily operational issues to ensure survival and sustainability of their organisations. Uppermost in the minds of organisations is the financial and production challenges.

Change is never easy – particularly when daily routines have been embedded into the organisations culture and operations. Whether these processes are efficient or not is not the only issue. An organisation’s routines do not operate in a vacuum and will influence other management disciplines directly or indirectly. For example, a production process will directly influence sales and finance but may impose pressures on Human Resources or IT systems.

At Pfirestorm we understand these influences and the inter relationship between an organisations activities internally and externally and this is reflected in the Pfirestorm design.

What makes Pfirestorm unique is that the platform is a generic integrated system that does not disrupt the way in which organisations run their businesses. Organisations employees will simply continue with the same activities that they have become accustomed to with one notable exception. Any communication with employees or clients is generated using the Pfirestorm platform. This is the ONLY change.

The intuitive platform, integrated systems, collaborative technology and automation connects all functions of an organisation to one another and ensures that clients are part of the process. Pfirestorm’s innovative architecture and design ensures that compliance activities and good governance processes are systematically built into ordinary daily activities guaranteeing a complete record of the organisations processes.

Change can be intimidating and disruptive! With Pfirestorm, change is a natural evolution that requires a marginal shift in behaviour. Seamless, non invasive and simplicity itself

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Company Profile


    Pfirestorm is an affordable internet based service that organisations are able to offer their clients that will result in the cementing of existing relationships and/or the establishment of new relationships between the clients and the organisation.

    This service is CLIENT-CENTRED and simultaneously provides the organisation with a platform that addresses fundamental business matters such as strategy and wealth creation, operations and practice management, compliance issues, day to day matters, vast Marketing opportunities, leveraging IT in a unique way, staff incentives and measurements and impact directly and indirectly on your income flows from day one.

    The purpose for this service is to enable organisations and clients to be able to reach out to one another in an environment that is transparent, promotes shared responsibility and facilitates relationships providing mutual benefit for the client and the organisation.

    It is no longer a matter of who you know! It is who knows YOU!

    It is time!


Pfirestorm’s unique collaborative technology will enable our clients to deliver a branded and unified sustainable experience to their customers at all levels of their organisation, through programmed alignment of internal procedures and processes with their Customer Value Proposition.

Our clients will experience the power of a programmed behavioral system designed to sustain, facilitate and deliver to their clients, a distinctive Customer Value Proposition resulting in increased new and retained customers that can be measured in terms of higher production outcomes, reduced operating costs, focused employee and customer activities, customer services that exceed expectations, business continuity, and ultimately good corporate governance aligned to a dynamic regulatory environment.