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Urgent Announcement

published: 16 Mar
2020-03-16 15:55:54





The Pfire Group has implemented several preventative measures to protect the well-being of its employees, clients, suppliers and other value chain participants, whilst ensuring business continuity.

The senior Directors of the Pfire Group remain in close contact nationally and remotely to monitor the progress of the COVID-19 outbreak and to take whatever measures are necessary to manage processes to ensure we can respond to this evolving situation.

We have taken the following actions: -

  • Our employees are regularly informed about the progress and impact of COVID-19 under guidance from the World Health Organization and local public health authorities.
  • Employees have been advised about what to do if they, or anyone with whom they have been in close contact with, show flu-like symptoms.
  • The importance of hygiene in the workplace and at home is regularly reinforced through awareness campaigns, and hygiene precautions have been implemented in all the Pfire Group offices.
  • All our employees are equipped to work remotely to ensure business continuity. Our employees have the option to work from home using our unique technology that enables them to access all vital and operational information pertaining to our customers and our supply chain stakeholders.
  • We have informed all our employees that any further business travel is suspended until further notice and that all collaborations with clients, suppliers and employees be done remotely via our unique technology offering. All employees who undertake any travel of a personal nature are subjected to a 21-day self-quarantine period should they wish to return to the Pfire Group’s physical workspace.
  • No visitors to our offices are permitted until further notice unless authorised by our Board in respect of an emergency and will be subject to recommended screening protocols.

For further information or questions, please contact Mike Lombard at or at +27 31 7644 042.


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